There is a filling medium inside the bulb of a thermostat, when the sensor is heated, the bulb filling medium expands and increases the pressure via the capillary tube to an expandable diaphragm or bellows to open or close the contacts. Thermostats are available in electric and gas types. The gas thermostat automatically controls the main gas flow and is divided into snap-acting or modulation-controlled types. Thermostats are applied to ovens, griddles, fryers, braising pans, and pasta cookers.
  • The functional standard conforms in all aspects to CSA, Delta C, CE, AGA, and JIA bodies for international high-demanding standards, which comply with low pressure 1/2PSI gas appliances.
  • 100% in-house quality inspection with all thermostats for leakage testing and temperature setting procedures are in strict conformance to safety regulations requirements.
We offer diverse options of installation for various manifold & pipeline designs of gas cooking appliances with ease and provide customers with real-time technical support for testing and on-site FAQ, tailored-made gas cooking solutions. All series product lines are with multiple options available.