15 Jul 2022
Restaurant Equipment

Key Components for Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Restaurant Equipment 

A commercial kitchen requires industrial-grade equipment that can withstand the use of a busy restaurant. The layout of a commercial restaurant kitchen must be planned so that food service can flow seamlessly from the preparation area to the production line.


There are five types commonly used in most commercial kitchens: line, island, sectional, galley, and open kitchen. Each has unique benefits, depending on the style of restaurant you want to open, the type of food you want to cook, and the amount of kitchen space your building allows.


A few principles of commercial kitchen design  

Flexibility and modularity

Mobility of material

Ease of sanitation

Ease of supervision.

Space efficiency

Flow lines to work with smoothly with work items


Here is a general list of equipment you need to equip your restaurant kitchen






Pasta Cooker

Refrigerator (cabinet, upright or walk-in)

Hand soap and sanitizer dispenser

Fire extinguishers


AB can offer key components for all kinds of commercial kitchen equipment 

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