Chinese Wok Solution
Different from the traditional Chinese wok, this solution can achieve a complete combustion flame. And equipped with a new patented fully premixed burner with an exclusive design. Safe and convenient.
  Product Features  
1. Replaceable ribbon burner design reduces maintenance cost. Burner is with Taiwan, China and US inventive and new type patents.
2. Burner combustion efficiency is 30% better than traditional Chinese Wok: it takes only 2 minutes and 20 seconds to boiling 5 kg cold water which is more energy saving compare to traditional 
    Chinese Wok - usually takes 3 minutes and 30
3. Easy operation: embedded with ignition module, one touch user friendly activation.
4. Min./Max. capacity is 4KW~50KW satisfying all Chinese meals' required flame power. 
5. Superior safety: gas and air ratio mixed proportionally and achieve complete combustion.
6. Low exhaust emission: exhaust emission during operation is 0.002% only. (Carbon monoxide) 
7. Low noise: operational noise below 65 dB which provides well protection of chief's aural comprehension. 
8. Flame failure device: in the event of flame out, gas supply will be cut off completely. 
Applied to
Chinese Wok