Pizza oven solution

High combustion efficiency and fast pizza delivery
How to bake a delicious Italian pizza? Oven temperature is an important factor in success. The traditional wood burning for energy source relies on the rich experience pizza maker to control temperature. In addition to keeping the fire, it is also necessary to master the time for quick delivery. With environmental protection requiring, It is also difficult to get fruit wood for energy source . AB Control's pizza oven solution is equipped with A62 safety valve, PZ01 burner, pilot assemblies and ignitor, with high combustion efficiency and two-stage adjustable firepower, allowing users to bake pizza more conveniently, environmental friendly and energy-saving.
Pizza Oven Solution: equipped with A62 safety valve, PZ01 burner, pilot assemblies and ignitor
High combustion efficiency; pizza delivery within 90 seconds
The pre-mixed  Venturi tube design of the PZ01 burner promotes high combustion efficiency, low exhaust gas (less than 7ppm), and the temperature in the oven can reach up to 480 degrees C. It only takes 90 seconds to complete the baking of pizza, and the speed of meal delivery is fast. The special design of PZ01 burner simulates the rhythm of the wood burning dancing flame for delivering the same deliciousness as traditional wood burning to cook.

Two-stage firepower can be adjusted
The A62 safety valve has two stages of strong heat and gentle heat  that can be adjusted, which is convenient for chefs to adjust the fire according to the temperature in the furnace.

Flame failure protection ; Safety and disaster prevention
With A62 safety valve, if the main fire goes out for some reason, it will automatically cut off the main fire gas supply to prevent disasters.

Various types of certification to help customers product launch fast
A62 safety valve with CSA, Delta C, CE, GasMark certifications meets high-end standards to offer stable performance to saves the cost of certification and testing for cooker manufacturers for accelerating product launch time.
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