Multi-functional Compound Valve Fryer Solution

Fast assembly for universal in US and Europe

The fryer is one of the core products of commercial cooking appliances, but its structure and accessories are more complicated than other ones, so the production and assembly are relatively time-consuming.  AB Control's Multi-Functional Compound Valve Fryer Solution combines the functions of a heating controller and a thermostat into one, which not only shortens the assembly time and increases production capacity, but also makes the operation more convenient and safe. The general specifications both in Europe and America to help you to promote the global market.

AB Control's Multi-Functional Compound Valve Fryer Solution combines the functions of a heating controller and a thermostat into one


Multi-functional compound valve, safe and easy to operate

A64T composite temperature control valve combines the functions of gas switch, automatic ignition, temperature control, pressure regulation, and flame failure protection. The exposed knob design conforms to the latest European standards, which is convenient for instant operation and improves safety.

Double knobs exposed panel design, meet the new European regulations

Double knobs exposed panel design  Meet the new European regulations


Fast assembly and increased productivity
Compared with the traditional fryer gas valve and thermostat that are individually assembled. A64T two-in-one design can help you save assembly time and increase production capacity.

Flange joint for easy maintenance and replacement
There are also optional flange joints, which can be easily repaired and replaced by simply loosening the screws.

Precise temperature, golden crispy fry

Precise temperature, golden crispy fry

A64T thermostat is designed to be turned on and off. It maintains a high fire before reaching the set temperature and shuts down after reaching the set temperature. Only pilot fire is retained, and the temperature control is precise to ensure that the fried food is golden, crispy, and not greasy.

High flow design for large, medium and small fryers

A64T is a maximum flow rate of 200,000 BTUs and is suitable for all types of fryers.

Two protection devices are safe to use
A64T thermostat is the first protection. When the oil temperature reaches the set temperature, the fire will be extinguished and will not continue to heat. If the A64T thermostat fails, the oil temperature will continue to be heated to the set temperature of the ALCC/ALCH overtemperature protector, and then gas supply will be cut off and the fire will be extinguished to avoid accidents caused by excessive oil temperature caused by continued heating.



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