European type oven solution

Temperature control and flame failure protection are two-in-one

Gas ovens are standard catering equipment.  Compared with electric ovens, gas ovens heat up and preheat faster, save energy and deliver meals faster. The gas oven is the key equipment by many professional chefs. AB Control's American-type oven solution is equipped with ATS-11 or ATS-70 safety valve, ABJ thermostat, AW5 wok valve, and B1H3 pilot burner. It is of good quality and stable performance and has been widely used by many commercial cooking appliance manufacturers in the world.

European type oven solution

AB Control's European type oven solution is matched with A65T thermostat with flame failure protection function, easy installation and operation, good quality,and stable performance. It is an essential core control component for European-type ovens.
High gas flow and wider application
The A65T thermostat has a flow rate of 40,000BTU, which is superior to the same type of models on the market and can be used in ovens both with large and small flow requirements.

BYPASS Thermostat key
Users can adjust the BYPASS on the A65T thermostat to achieve the best constant temperature effect according to their needs. The gradual opening and closing design can keep the temperature within 30~40 degrees F of the set temperature.

Save on certification costs and get to market expeditiously
AB Control's A65T is certified by CSA, Delta C, CE, and GasMark, and has stable performance, which saves the cost of certification and testing for cooking appliance manufacturers and accelerates the time to market.
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