European Range Solution

A60 safety valve is adopted in the European type range. The flameout protection device uses the principle of magnetic attraction of the solenoid valve to ensure that the gas is automatically closed when the flame goes out unexpectedly. Widely used in Europe, Australia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and China market. A60 safety valve is adopted in the European type range

A variety of installation ways, the application is more flexible
We can adjust and tailor-made the specifications according to the structure and functions of the cooker manufacturer. A60 safety valve has a variety of installation methods, including SPIGOT, SADDLE MOUNT, U MOUNT and FLANGE.

A60 safety valve Installation - SPIGOT A60 safety valve Installation - SADDLE MOUNT
A60 safety valve Installation - U MOUNT A60 safety valve Installation - Flange


Universal models are sold worldwide

Universal models to the world

The A60 safety valve with CSA, CE and Australian certification meets the highest standards of air tightness, durability and working pressure and temperature in the commercial appliances industry. Cooker's manufacturers can sell the same model to multiple markets for saving development and design costs.

Easy and fast assembly

Easy and fast assembly

The body of clamping design of on-off valve A18-X1X  can be assembled with a general wrench, which is fast and convenient for assembly. Stainless steel flexible tube are produced from CSA certified raw materials with durable and reliable quality.

Improve the texture of cooker's appearance

Quality beyond safety requirements

Automatically produced valves and 100% full air tightness testing make consistently high quality products.

Manifolds and gas valves pre-assembly service

Top quality manifold
Manifolds and gas valves pre-assembly service to save the assembly cost of cooker's manufacturers and increasing their production capacity. All of Alpha Brass Control's products are high accurate and 100% air-tight tested.

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