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Chinese Wok Solution  


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AB Control's high-efficiency and energy-saving Chinese wok solution is different from traditional Chinese wok. It is equipped with linear proportional valve APV01, blower, pre-mixed burner APC, and electronic module. The intelligent control operation is more convenient. The air flow is positively related to the fan pressure, and the air mixing ratio is optimized so that both big and small fire can be completely burned. It is used with a control module and a DC brushless motor blower for fully premixed burners. The residual gas in the pre-blow pipe avoids deflagration, and the silent blower protects the chef's hearing health. It is a safe and convenient gas control system.

Chinese wok solution is equipped with linear proportional valve APV01, blower, pre-mixed burner APC08, and electronic module

One key start and automatic ignition

Intelligent design for pressing one button to automatically ignite pilot flame. linearly adjust the fire power with the pre-mixed burner to achieve the best air-gas ratio, and quickly switch between different fire power.

Energy efficient 
The maximum flow rate of 58KW can boil 5kg of normal temperature water in 1 minute and 20 seconds, which is one minute faster than the traditional flow rate of 40KW. Exhaust emissions is only 0.002% better than the regulatory standard. 

Low sound to protect the chef's hearing
The maximum noise is lower than 65dB, which ensures that the chef's hearing will not damage by long-term noise. 

Patented wave plate burner

Patented wave plate burner

The multi-national patent wave plate burner can be disassembled, cleaned and replaced for prolonging the service life.

Intelligent Display for Troubleshooting
If the ignition goes out for any reason, the ignition will be automatically detected and re-ignited. If the handle is not in the OFF position when the ignition action is performed, the switch will flash to warn. If pilot flame is not working, the fault warning light will turn on red and will be reset after pressing the warning light.    

Drainage design 
Drainage design of the wok burner so that there will be no moisture left after cooking or cleaning affects the ignition and operation.

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