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A trusted partner in the global gas parts supply chain

We are committed to optimizing the functions and combustion efficiency of gas appliances to increase the value-added and turn it into a competitive advantage for our customers.
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Alpha Brass Controls offers safe & reliable gas range solutions.
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US Market Solution
Dual certified CSA & Delta C mark for gas valves and pilot valves, made with high quality brass for outstanding durability & safety.
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European Range Solution
Gas safety valve is in compliance with international standard for global market distribution.
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Dual Ring Burner Range Solution
Patented by many countries, one inlet & two outlets safety valve can control 5 tier fire power to satisfy the requirements for different culinary needs.
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We offers a wide range of oven solutions.
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American Type Oven Solution
CSA and Delta C certified are for both of ATS-11 safety valve and ABJ thermostat with precise and stable temperature control.
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European Type Oven Solution
Temperature control and flame failure protection are two-in-one
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Convection Oven Solution
Equip With automatic ignition module, AS02/AS03 solenoid valve, and AK electronic thermostat.
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We offers fryer solutions for different structures design and gas flow requirements.
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American Type Fryer Solution
AB007-MV heating controller with AR thermostat, and ALCC/ ALCH over-temperature protector are suitable for vertical high-flow fryer.
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Multi-functional Compound Valve Fryer Solution
A64T theromstat is with various functions for automatic ignition, temperature control and flame out protection, reducing assembly cost, suitable for US and European high flow fryers, and meets the latest European CE standards.
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European Type Fryer Solution
AB007-MV heating controller with AR thermostat, and ALCC/ ALCH over-temperature protector are suitable for vertical high-flow fryer.
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We offers a wide range of grill solutios from basic to advanced.
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Economical Griddle Solution
CSA and Delta C certified A19 on-off valve and AP series pilot valves are made of high quality brass, and the three-stage fire can meet different cooking needs.
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Advanced Griddle Solution
Equipped with dual functions thermostat, easy to assemble and operate, with good effect of constant temperature.
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Value-Added Griddle Solution
AG thermostat with lightweight and easy to install ATS-70 safety valve is more upgraded safety.
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Core Competency of Alpha Brass Controls
With more than 30 years of professional experience in manufacturing & innovative design for worldwide distribution with superb quality.
Main products include On/Off gas valves, safety valves, thermostats, heating controls, solenoid valves and burners which are the key component for commercial cooking appliances. 100% In-house leakage test on all valves to ensure high precisions safety standard & reliable quality assurance for global clients.
Technical consulting and FAQ support is also available to enhance customers' industrial competitive advantages, and create beautiful, profitable and good value for all levels of business partners, employees, suppliers and end users.
Innovations & RD Commitment to the applications based on product innovation & integration of RD, to provide different portfolio of new product solutions.
Industry Automations Developing robotic automations towards 100% automated manufacturing facility.
Patents & Certifications Alpha Brass Controls has the most extensive product certifications with 5 major certify bodies globally and patents reserved in most countries.
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