Every product is inspected thoroughly from function to appearance to ensure every product meets with international and regional standards and regulations, such as CE, AGA, CSA, RU, TUV, URS, Delta C...

CE: CE marking is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985.
AGA: The Australian Gas Association (AGA) is the national representative body for Australia's downstream gas industry.
CSA: CSA Group is a total solutions global provider of North American marks and can help you access the international marks you need to sell your product around the world.
TUV: a German businesses that provide inspection and product certification services.

R&D Capability

Our laboratories have received the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and CE category certified test labs. Before we start production, products are tested extensively to ensure product reliability and quality. Our product development department conducts appropriate tests and obtains necessary certifications to ensure that our products meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards.

Alpha Brass is dedicated to inventive application and consolidated development of each product, providing customers variety solution packages according to different application, assisting customers product planning with great technical support. We also provide product customization and technical assistance to allow our customers to shorten their research and development time.

Automation Facilities

We adopt following automatic machines to enhance production efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Fully automatic and In-line gas leakage testing machine from Europe
  • Fully automatic and In-line temperature setting and testing machine from Europe
  • Fully automatic gas valve assembly machine from Europe
  • Customized lab testing machines from Europe
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Equipments and confirgurations.