Our Founder : Mr. Liu

Sunny Liu is the founder and CEO of Alpha Brass Controls Inc. Back in the sixties when the economy of Taiwan has just started to move towards exports, he led his family business to be one of the five leading trading companies in Taiwan. With the wisdom and determination to overcome difficulties, he has achieved many remarkable achievements.


The plastic injection industry has just started in Taiwan and he did not know that there were different materials classification and there was a leak in the hydraulic pump system and nobody knew how to repair. He purchased a book by tongs publications and repaired the pump. Later, when he applied for UL certification for his products, he had limited language proficiency but he stayed in the USA for two months to be available any time to answer to the certification agency and finally completing the certification. By surpassing difficulties, he accumulated many resources.

Face Challenge

Later in the 1990, the new Taiwanese dollars rose and the trading conditions are more harsh, our CEO led a team of employees and started a new hardware manufacturing company. In 1999, noticing the changes in the international markets, he decided to start manufacturing gas valves and thermostats. Particularly, these items need utmost safety requirements, hence, we also built the first gas testing witness lab also training gas experts. As a leader, he continues to solve problems and facing new challenges and expanding step by step.

Beauty, Benefit and Good

Mr. Liu has spent more than 50 years in this industry. Every stage were diligently operated. For the past 20 years, he transformed his religion into his strength, hoping to build a “beauty” (continuous enthusiasm for work), benefit (resources to expand the business) and good (good for self and good for others) as his life goal.